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SAVE c2 Kg of CO2
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*the calculation was made using the mean value of 119.5 g of CO₂/km emitted by a newly registered automobile according to the EEA Report No. 27/2016.

Why use BIO coatings?

Oil-free, CO₂ emissions cut and attention to people's health. 

We conceived a new formulation of water-based coatings for wood and glass that respect the planet and with a socially responsible production cycle, which is a significant and distinctive factor in the chemical industry, where oil derivatives are dominant.

Our BIO coatings for wood (indoor and outdoor) and glass are made with recycled raw materials and through a production cycle with a lower environmental impact.

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How are BIO coatings created?

Using renewable organic waste materials that are not fit for human consumption is the starting idea...

BIO Coatings 1
fascia arborea bio 1 fascia arborea bio 2
BIO coatings help to reduce the greenhouse effect caused by CO₂ emissions.

and are in line with the latest green policies adopted worldwide. Thanks to their exceptionally low environmental impact, they qualify for LEED credits.

BIO Coatings 2
fascia vidrea bio 1
The range with renewable raw materials

from recycled sources. These products are developed with complete respect for the environment and the health of end users. They also reduce the greenhouse effect caused by CO2 emissions.

These paints offer excellent hardness, chemical resistance and resistance to light.

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It’s not just love for the environment, they are also high performance

In addition to being highly sustainable, BIO water-based coatings set new standards in terms of performance and quality for the chemical industry since they offer:

  • High hardness, chemical-resistance and light-resistance;
  • Industrial processability;
  • Faster drying times;
  • Greater non-yellowing properties.
Arborea vernici performance 1

For interiors and exteriors

Cortevesio-AVOID 1
Case Study

Liberi tutti! Children's furniture made with organic coatings

Cortevesio-AVOID 2
Case Study

Cortevesio’s bio revolution


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