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Over the years, ICA Group has developed a range of high-quality products for interior furnishings, with the goal of meeting the requirement for high levels of chemical/physical performance through products and effects that are able to anticipate the latest trends in the world of design.

ICA Group provides support to furniture manufacturers by working in partnership with them from the design phase all the way to the post-sales support phase. Collaborating together, they define the expected characteristics of the new solutions and drive forward product development, step-by-step, through all of the phases right up to the use of the product. This allows ICA Group to remain up-to-speed on the latest trends, to take a pro-active approach and to deliver effective assistance to the designers.

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Surface resistance and resistance to yellowing

The surface effect, whatever it may be, must not come at the expense of the all-important aspects of functionality. The scratch-resistance and hardness of the ICA Group top coats make them suitable for all types of uses.

Color stability under both light and dark conditions is essential for those who work with modular systems.

Limited swelling of the wood fiber

The use of porous wood species has led to the development of specific products for oak and ash. Water-based and solvent-based stains, base coats and top coats with very limited swelling of the wood fiber make it possible to achieve excellent results in terms of the marking and wettability of the pore, with no risk of unattractive color variations or surface defects.


Highly innovative products, such as ICA Group's water-based products and also its more traditional offerings such as transparent and lacquered polyester coatings, meet the increasing market demand for gloss lacquered furniture. The group specializes in the formulation of gloss lacquered and UV coatings that can be produced in any shade.

Smoothness to the touch

ICA Group's R&D laboratory devotes a great deal of time and attention to ensuring that its coatings also look excellent – but a piece of furniture is made not only to be looked at but also to be touched, used and experienced, and for this reason all ICA Group products are designed to highlight the natural beauty of wood and to offer a velvety effect and unrivalled smoothness to the touch, as well as exceptional hardness: it all adds up to the right combination of aesthetic, chemical/physical and functional characteristics.

Natural effect

Over recent years, wood – in its most natural form – has been taking center-stage in the world of interior design. Accordingly, the ICA Group R&D laboratory has developed “species-effect” transparent top coats with very low levels of opacity, which are able to guarantee exceptional performance in terms of surface hardness and chemical/physical resistance.

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Versatile products for all types of systems

ICA Group's longstanding experience, together with its partnerships with the leading producers of coating systems, makes it possible ensure that the client has access to the right product for each set of requirements and each system. The latest-generation water-based products have been conceived to adapt to existing systems in order to reduce a minimum the requirement for modifications and additional investments.

Reduction in the drying times and simplification of the cycles

Reducing the drying times is an objective that ICA Group set itself with a view to satisfying what is becoming an ever more exacting market. The increasing demand for highly personalized products results in lower production volumes but higher quantities of practically unique products and colors. The cycles are becoming increasingly versatile and rapid, but the lower number of coating cycles does not in any way compromise the final effect of the coated object.

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In developing its products, ICA Group always takes great care to align itself with the upcoming trends in fashion and design, while also always respecting the environment. For this reason, the group is constantly engaged on the development and formulation of products with low levels of environmental impact that have what it takes to achieve the same chemical/physical results as traditional solvent-based products.

The range includes monocomponent and bicomponent water-based coatings, water-based UV coatings and high-solid UV coatings.

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