coatings for traditional wooden flooring

ICA Group offers a complete range of products for the laying and coating of traditional wooden flooring. In particular, the range includes products for the reconditioning of sub-floors, as well as: glues; abrasives; fillers; coatings for water-based, solvent-based and fire-retardant cycles; products for wax treatments; maintenance products and a wide array of accessories. 

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ICA Group's top coats makes it possible to retain intact the natural coloration of the wood and guarantee high levels of resistance to foot traffic and wear-and-tear.
In addition, the group's nanotechnological water-based top coats ensure excellent resistance to abrasion, good surface hardness and good chemical resistance.
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Alongside traditional products for roller application, with natural drying, the group's offering also includes the innovative Parkea UV on site range of water-based UV coatings. These products, combined with UV drying technology, meet the requirement for a floor that can be walked on immediately after the coating has been applied, thereby eliminating the long waiting times associated with traditional coatings.
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Traditional solvent-based coatings for wooden flooring release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute the air in domestic environments, damaging the health of the person applying the coating and that of those who go on to inhabit that domestic environment.
ICA Group has developed a range of NMP-free, high solid content, two component sealers, base coats and top coats in order to safeguard the environment and improve indoor air quality.
The products with high solid content also make it possible to comply with the “Deco-Paint” standard on low levels of VOCs, and they contain no aromatic solvents. 
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