Love nature, high peaks and challenges, just like us?
We have brought our panels coated with BIO products to the summit of the queen of the Dolomites, to an altitude of 3343 m (Punta Penia, Marmolada), to test their performance, and to show the world that sustainable choices are possible, even in extreme conditions.

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The goal

To subject ten samples of wood coated with products from the Arborea BIO range for exteriors to an extremely harsh natural aging test lasting two years, in accordance with standard EN927-3. The standard describes the method, duration, exposure conditions and analyses to use.

The exposure period began on July 27, 2021 at Punta Penia (Marmolada), 3343 m.

Why Punta Penia?

  • It is one of the highest mountain huts in Italy, located exactly at the summit of the group and enables prolonged exposure to sunlight from dawn till dusk.
  • It is a historic destination for mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts from all around the world.
  • The climate is particularly extreme: there is a strong solar exposure during the summer (UV radiations over 30%), while in winter the site is covered in snow for around seven months, with temperatures dropping below -20°C.
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Why BIO paints?

Because in this location where nature stands in all its glory, we simply had to choose products specially designed to protect such wonders. We want to show the world that our BIO products not only respect the environment but also offer extraordinary chemical and physical properties and are capable of overcoming any challenge!

Over these two years, we will also monitor the panels through the photos taken by all of the trekking enthusiasts that reach Punta Penia, and they will be posted on our Instagram profile for everyone to see.

The results

Punta Penia is a test that combines extremely harsh exposure conditions with the natural aging process caused by the sun’s rays, extreme temperatures and ice, which can only make the test even more challenging for these products.

Thanks to university collaboration (UNICAM and POLITO) and the ICA Academy, the project and its findings could be the subject of university theses and events for the business community and design professionals, as well as for students themselves.

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