Case Study

Tavar, wooden flooring.

Natural imperfections for a sustainable product.

“Environmental awareness is on the rise,” comments Giovanni Baldini—a member of the family that owns Tavar, a Ravenna-based company leader in the production of pre-finished wooden floors—, “for us it also has commercial implications: those who appreciate wooden flooring also appreciate the natural aspect of wood, its enhanced grain pattern and ‘imperfections’ such as nodes and irregular surfaces. Water-based coatings, together with the FSC certification, highlight the company’s commitment to offering consumers a sustainable product that respects the environment and the quality of life.”

Naturalness and the atmosphere of old floors revived: the answer to these trends is the series of reagent tints of the ICA Group.

The fundamental trend,” continues Mr Baldini, “is having color differences on the same floor, which we obtain with the subtle use of reagents. This type of processing enables us to offer a ‘coordinated’ interior design concept; the public tends to prefer increasingly similar top coats for furniture, casings, and floors, and there is greater awareness to details and color combinations in settings.
More and more colors and top coats are available, and are never enough: customization has become the standard and there are plenty of color shades.

The range of ACTIVIN reactive water-based colorants by ICA allows for obtaining unique colors that enhance the wood grain with a highly original effect.
These oak and mahogany reactive tints penetrate deeply into the wood fibers where they interact with the material and produce “uncontrollable” colors and shades depending on the amount and chemical nature of the reagents and on the wood to which they are applied, while preserving the surface’s “natural” aspect.
ACTIVIN tints are ideal for design contexts that increasingly privilege the use of oak with open pore top coats, a solution that retains the natural appearance of wood and makes the various settings simple yet cozy.
ACTIVIN products guarantee excellent performances and expand the creative options available to interior decorators and designers, while placing considerable emphasis on eco-sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

The ICA Group is a reliable partner that is attentive to the needs of its customers and interior design trends. The importance attributed to environmental concerns and market demands appealed to Tavar. Thanks to this collaboration, the company recently installed an entirely automatic coating machine that—together with the chosen coating cycle—aims to drastically reduce the emission of solvents into the atmosphere. The introduction of this plant in the company allowed for completely rearranging production (with definitive times) and standardizing quality, without foregoing the company’s distinctive customization service.
Thanks to cycles defined together with ICA and flexible plants, Tavar is able to propose a highly extensive range.
The water-based tint, primer and 100% UV filler-base coat combined with the bicomponent water-based top coat produced excellent chemical-physical performances – an essential prerequisite for a walkover product. Moreover, the aesthetic effect stems from research activities conducted in the R&D laboratories of ICA. These allowed for developing specifically for Tavar a series of trendy colors, the natural aspect of which is enhanced by the ultra-matte water-based top coat applied as a final coat.
Source: Finiture Green – La Rivista del Colore

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