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Sustainable wood industry: SIDEL touches down at Green Pea

We tell the story of SIDEL, a manufacturer of wood frames and shutters and its evolution from small carpentry workshop to green industrial player.

SIDEL: the sustainable wood industry touches down at Green Pea

The wood industry can embrace sustainability. This is demonstrated by SIDEL, a manufacturer of frames and shutters that has developed a business model working in harmony with nature.

The year is 1950. In the province of Salerno, southern Italy, a small carpentry workshop opens its doors, marking the beginning of a great story. The story of SIDEL, a manufacturer of wood frames, shutters and doors. Today, we tell the tale of how this business transformed from an artisan workshop to an industrial player without losing sight of sustainability.

From carpentry to the wood industry, with respect for nature

When Giuseppe Damiani opened his carpentry workshop, he was an artisan with the talent to already see the window frames he would create in the raw timber before him. Over time, Giuseppe not only refined his skills as an artisan, but also developed an entrepreneurial vision, understanding that wood, a traditional material, would always have a central role to play.

In the 70s, his workshop moved to meet the need for more space for workbenches and machinery. At the start of the 80s, SIDEL began mass production of wood and wood-aluminum frames and shutters and established itself as a benchmark in the sector.

SIDEL is an entrepreneurial success story. It is a story of a virtuous business, considering that not only did the company avoid eroding product quality in the process of industrializing production, maintaining an artisan attention to detail, but also increased its awareness around sustainability:

  • 80% of energy used in production comes from a solar-energy system
  • the wood used comes from reforestation and has a certified origin
  • all production activity follows the principles of environmental sustainability.

Sustainable innovation

For SIDEL, research for innovation is a top priority: the challenge is to constantly improve the technical performance and aesthetics of products, taking decisions that are also rooted in a commitment to sustainability.

This is the foundation of SIDEL’s decision to adopt water-based coatings and to partner with the ICA Group and use our Arborea range, specially developed for wood frames and shutters exposed to the elements. Using the exterior wood stain, intermediate base coat and water-based top coat included in this range, SIDEL has moved forward in terms of:

  • aesthetic quality, thanks to the natural effect of the coatings that enhances the texture and properties of the wood
  • technical excellence, with the level of protection guaranteed by the coatings, confirmed by tests conducted in various locations around the world (in different climatic conditions) and laboratory testing
  • sustainability, as the BIO coatings in the Arborea range are non-toxic and their production ensures extremely low environmental impacts in terms of CO2 emissions.

“Through constant collaboration with ICA, in the coating department, with full robotic automation, we have been able to achieve results that place us at the forefront in terms of wood treatment, both for protection and finish”.  Vincenzo Fagiolo – SIDEL Production Manager

Let’s take a closer look at a project that demonstrates SIDEL’s genuine commitment to sustainability.

SIDEL at Green Pea, the shopping center which is green to the core

Green Pea is a shopping center in Turin conceived by Oscar Farinetti. What makes it unique? It only contains brands that use sustainable manufacturing in the sectors of design, fashion and beauty. On the first floor of the building, which was naturally built adhering to green principles, we find SIDEL.

The company’s space is more than just a showroom for its products, it is a place to tell the story of wood and its qualities as the perfect ecological material, which enhances environments, helping to make them healthier and more energy efficient.

SIDEL’s presence in a location such as Green Pea is not only a “badge of honor” for the company, but confirmation that a sustainable wood industry is possible.

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