Satin-finish metal Effect

The satin-finish metals of the Urban Matter range are characterized by their high sheen and are offered in five different versions: “lead”, “gold”, “steel”, “bronze” and “copper”.

The coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper) combines the use of a gloss base with a two component water-based coating with satin-finish metal effect, which is then protected with a matte acrylic transparent top coat. The slight scratching of the surface, coupled with the application of an aging patina, creates dynamism and unique, highly appealing shades.

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Satin-finish metal effect 1
Characteristics and advantages
  • Spraying application.
  • Aesthetic effect similar to stain-finish metal.
  • Combines the warmth of wood with a steel effect.
  • Unique effects can be created by intervening on the following elements: color tone of the gloss base, scratching (where relevant) and application of an aging patina.
  • Can be applied to three-dimensional objects.
  • Excellent lightfastness.
  • Good chemical-physical resistance.

Material-like effects for interior furnishings

Material-like effects for interior furnishings

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