Case Study

Our wood coatings meet the pianos

Here we talk about SAP Renovation, a company specializing in piano restoration that uses our range of Deep Black coatings.

SAP Renovation pianos: what a music with our coatings!

Think of an elegant concert hall and imagine a black piano center stage, reflecting the thousand lights of the hall. Well, the glossy coating "worn" by the piano could be Deep Black by ICA Group. 

Today we want to talk about one of our high-profile clients: SAP Renovation, a Polish company specialized in piano restoration, which has been using our wood coatings for 9 years now. We want you to get to know this well-known company and explain why it turned to us. Let's raise the curtain and start the story.

SAP Renovation takes center stage

The Polish city of Kalisz is the largest piano restoration center in the world. SAP Renovation was founded right here, back in 1990. Today the company is unrivaled in Europe, with over 11,000 restored musical instruments for customers worldwide. Old or damaged pianos are restored to perfect aesthetic and functional conditions, preserving their unique historical character. 

The company works on every component of the piano, from the cabinet and the action to its heart, the acoustic. We want to focus on the coating process, not only because it is at this point that our coatings come into play, but also because it is a key aspect for the piano.

Behind the scenes, inside the coating lab

Let's take a peek behind the scenes and visit SAP Renovation coating laboratory. Here, as our client explained to us, only high quality coatings are used, in order to ensure an impeccable aesthetic result and an incomparable durability and resistance. To ensure a perfect coating work, special attention must also be paid to the coating hardening process. A process that, in this laboratory, lasts 600 hours.

Thanks to high quality products and a consolidated experience, SAP Renovation has been able to satisfy its most demanding customers (who are usually piano retailers) for 29 years.

Our coatings passed several "auditions"

Before choosing us, SAP Renovation submitted our products to multiple, strict quality tests in its coating booths. The result? ICA Group's polyester coatings proved to:

  • Improve the life of the piano thanks to their resistance.
  • Ensure a shiny, glossy and lasting effect.

In particular, the company selected Deep Black, a range of coatings that includes PP53 paste, which ensures an intense and brilliant black color. This paste was specifically designed by ICA Group's R&D laboratory for pianos.

Here's what SAP Renovation Manufacturing manager, Mr Łukasz Skrzybalski, had to say about our products:

"The sanding and polishing process is surprisingly easy, both manual and mechanical, and there is no evidence of coating failure over the years."

Well, that's music to our ears!

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