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Santalucia Mobili: design, sustainability, BIO coatings

How do you become a world-renowned furniture company? Here we explain how Santalucia Mobili did it. And how we helped it get there.

The Santalucia Mobili success factors: quality, Italian design, sustainability and BIO coatings
The passion for Made in Italy design. The quest for materials with high technical performances. The commitment towards sustainable change. That’s what Santalucia Mobili is about.

Nowadays, being “content” with making extremely high-quality products is no longer enough for a company: it is also necessary to operate in a sustainable way. The future belongs to whoever can do their best under both these aspects. Santalucia Mobili has done it—also thanks to our IRIDEA BIO coatings!

Santalucia Mobili, Italian design exported worldwide
Founded in 1965 in a small artisan laboratory that manufactured bedroom furniture, Santalucia Mobili has grown into a brand renowned in Europe, the United States, China, India, Russia and the Arab countries. In all these years the company has enriched the interiors of homes and hotels throughout the world, with a refined and distinctly Italian taste.

The key to its success? A fine array of technical expertise added to commitment towards sustainability.

A shared vision (of the future)
Having clearly defined goals is the first step towards attaining them, the second step is working hard to achieve them. Santalucia Mobili has achieved numerous goals over the years: high-quality materials, extremely high technical performances, long life of its products, refined aesthetics, ongoing commitment to safeguarding the environment and worker health. 

This last goal, in particular, led to the TO DO FUTURE corporate project in 2020, through which the company continues to work towards sustainable change. The project involves a number of different activities: some of these seek to fulfill the goals of the UN 2030 agenda, others intervene in the company’s reorganization according to lean criteria (creating maximum value by optimizing work flows). Lots of initiatives geared towards a single goal: being a forward-looking company.

Sustainability: all the innovative solutions
“Consistently with the commitment towards high quality, safety and the environment, we want to make sustainability the key element of all our processes, right from the choice of raw materials”.

In choosing the raw materials and materials that go into its furniture items, Santalucia Mobili is guided by a beacon: the principle of sustainability/healthiness. Under its light, the company has discovered and adopted innovative solutions, such as:

  • The use of FSC-certified paper and wood, in other words, materials deriving from responsibly managed forests or recycled materials (such as the wooden panel of the Ecological Panel Consortium, which is 100% recycled and recyclable).
  • The Silver Coat: a special antibacterial finish based on silver ions that is applied to the inner surfaces of cabinets to kill as many as 850 species of pathogens.
  • The use of our IRIDEA BIO coating range, non-toxic and ecological products obtained from renewable raw materials (resins of plant origin), which are a valid alternative to the use of petroleum. These coatings are also part of a production cycle characterized by a low environmental impact.

What does the company think of our coatings? We asked Jacopo Galli, the CEO of Santalucia Mobili.

“Thanks to ICA’s IRIDEA BIO coatings, we have succeeded in improving the quality and durability of our products while protecting the environment and human health. We at Santalucia Mobili want to make sustainability the key element of all our processes, right from the choice of raw materials. That’s why we relied on the ICA staff, who immediately proved they were able to support us and share our sustainable objectives”.

We are pleased to have helped this important company to achieve its goals (which we too share): protecting the planet and helping people to live in healthier environments.

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