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Rechapados Ferrer and the chessboards of “The Queen’s Gambit”

Rechapados Ferrer has produced (amongst many other products) the chessboards for the hugely popular series “The Queen’s Gambit”. Come and discover the company.

Rechapados Ferrer and the chessboards of The Queen's Gambit

Rechapados Ferrer chessboards, finished with our coatings, are more famous than ever after being selected to appear in the series “The Queen’s Gambit”.

You will have heard of The Queen’s Gambit, the miniseries distributed by Netflix which has engrossed huge numbers of viewers. Maybe you binge-watched it in a few days, gripped by the intriguing world of chess. That is exactly what happened to us, although we were also watching closely for another reason: many of the chessboards that you see in the series (including those used in the final match) were created by Rechapados Ferrer and coated with ICA Group Iridea coatings.

Rechapados Ferrer have been producing wood veneers since the fifties

It all began at the end of the fifties in La Garriga, just outside Barcelona. This small municipality is where Rechapados Ferrer was founded, specializing in wood veneers and starting its business working for furniture manufacturers and carpenters. At the start of the sixties, the company decided to also design and produce its first chessboards, creating a collection and taking orders for custom products. And demand just kept on growing.

Today, Rechapados Ferrer is one of the leading exporters of chessboards in the whole world, manufacturing thousands of units every year that travel across Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan, to finish in the hands of the most dedicated chess players.

Making the “perfect” chessboard

What do the most demanding players want from a chessboard? Quite simply: perfection. This means perfectly even surfaces, an impeccable and tactile finish, with excellent resistance to wear. To guarantee all of these qualities, Rechapados Ferrer has chosen ICA Group Iridea UV Curing coatings, with a matt, anti-reflection finish that will not strain the eyes during the game and a silky effect that makes play even more enjoyable. It then entrusted their application to the supplier Envernissats R. Vila S.L., which has many years of experience in the sector and knows how to use them to best effect.

“Since founding our business we have always striven to achieve excellence in our products. The chessboards that we produce are the base of every game and, along with the pieces, offer the perfect result. ICA Group coatings have enabled us to reach our quality goal and we have been rewarded with this prestigious recognition: our chessboards have been chosen for many of the games in the excellent Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’.” David Ferrer, General Manager of Rechapados Ferrer.

For chess players, the game is truly ceremonial. The chessboard is the center of this and it must be impeccable. In this constant search for perfection, we are particularly proud to have been chosen for the high standard of our products. Now we can declare checkmate!

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