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Pail craftsmanship and ICA water-based coatings

We tell you about our collaboration with a company that produces wood doors and frames in a sustainable way, keeping the entire production process in-house.

Pail. A byword for craftsmanship, Made in Italy values and sustainability

60 years of woodcrafting experience founded on Made in Italy values and sustainability, supported also by our water-based coatings.

60 birthday candles.
60 years of wood handcrafting experience.
60 years of 100% Made in Italy manufacturing.


60 years of history, 60 years of craftsmanship

It all began in 1963 in Atessa, Abruzzo, when young carpenter Amerigo Pellegrini opened a little workshop where he made wood doors and windows. The Pail production plants are still there to this very day. And it is there that every stage of the production process takes place.

But 100% in-house production is just one of the Abruzzo company’s many strengths. Here are some of the features that have endowed it with Made in Italy excellence throughout its 60-year history.

Innovation. Pail is constantly engaged in the search for solutions to bring aesthetic, technical and performance innovation to the market. This is why our product catalog is constantly evolving and making space for new high-performance items.

Design. Innovation merges with craftsmanship to create to contemporary but enduring beauty. The collection comes from the creative wellspring of Italian designers and architects, whose attention to every detail of the product gives it a sharply distinctive design. The catalog offers a range of finishes, colors and effects that harmonize with today’s must-have furnishing styles. Each door becomes a design feature that brings style and beauty to rooms.

Quality. Pail designs every product component its in its 50,000 square meter plant, which allows maximum production flexibility, customization and total quality control at every processing stage.

(Very) quick delivery times. Keeping the entire production process in-house translates into unbeatable manufacturing and delivery times for customers.

Sustainability. The entire production process (from raw wood procurement to assembly) is in-house. So production is respectful of our local area, its resources and its socio and economic fabric.

We want to talk more about this last point, since it is why Pail has chosen us as a supplier.


Pail – relying on ICA coatings since 1990

Respect for the environment, the local area and the people who live there. This is the Pail philosophy. A philosophy that we embrace. These shared goals and visions are at the heart of our collaboration with the company, which has been using ICA coatings in its production since 1990.

“The hallmark of our collaboration has been total synergy between the companies and respect between the people. Following the needs and demands of our market, the ICA team has developed new products tailored for our company – from the original UV coating through to the current water-based UV coatings. Its support has allowed us to research coating system innovations and bring them into our wide-ranging product offer of high-quality and environmentally friendly doors and windows. This collaboration has enabled us to innovate and to offer customers superior-quality lacquered and painted products that are pleasing to the touch and to the eye.” Sandro Pellegrini, Production and Purchasing Manager at Pail.

Pail uses our Iridea UV Curing water-based coatings for interiors and Arborea Protech water-based coatings for exteriors. The products of both lines have a reduced volatile organic compound content, ensuring that the coating is durable, performs well and looks great. While also helping to look after our planet.

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