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Our BIO water-based oil and JSC timber projects

This is a partnership that we are very proud of: JSC chose ICA to elevate the natural beauty and durability of its timber solutions.

JSC: BIO water-based oil withstands the test of time

JSC has treated its timber cladding with our BIO water-based oil for exteriors in order to decrease maintenance requirements and preserve the beauty of its products over time, in spite of the often harsh New Zealand weather conditions.

Some companies will only settle for the best. Year after year, they strive for excellence on multiple fronts. JSC, a company that produces sustainable solutions for the architecture and construction industry, is one of these. Sustainability, a forward-thinking approach, quality, design, and beauty. For over 120 years, it has never ceased to improve its products. Which is why we are particularly proud of our partnership.


Over a century of excellence in woodworking

Founded in New Zealand in 1900, JSC is today the gold standard for cutting edge architectural and building products. It boasts an extremely broad range of products which runs from exterior timber claddings, interior panelling and battens to solid-timber decking. The success it has achieved is not only underpinned by the experience acquired and skills honed in over a century of history, but also stems from relentless research into cutting-edge technology and sustainable processes and products.

What strikes us most about JSC is its constant curiosity and determination to keep moving forward.


Sustainability and attention to design

Driven by a sense of creative curiosity since its inception, JSC relentlessly seeks out sustainable products and processes and pushes for innovative aesthetics that align with the most recent design trends.

When we first met, the company was looking for a product range that:

  • Guaranteed an extremely long life for timber products (including those designed for outdoor use) and therefore meant less maintenance.
  • Were sustainable: JSC is extremely attentive to its supply chain and only purchases from companies that espouse its vision and values.
  • Were able to meet the aesthetic expectations of architects.

JSC’s painstaking quest to find suppliers worthy of their trust led them to us.


JSC TMT Taiga and the ICA Group's BIO water-based oil

TMT Taiga is one of JSC’s star products. It is a timber with a natural rustic appearance featuring oval-shaped butterfly knots. It undergoes a thermal-modification process which gives it a deep brown colour and makes it the perfect solution for both interior and exterior applications.

JSC has decided to treat this timber with ICA Group's BIO water-based oil for exteriors (made from linseed oil and natural waxes) in order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood, prolong its life, and enhance the finished surface. The linseed oil and natural waxes (derived from renewable sources) together with UV filters and premium-quality pigments protect the timber and ensure that it can go longer without the need for maintenance.

“Over the past few years, JSC has forged a wonderful working relationship with the ICA Group. Their products are perfectly in line with our range of wooden products for interior and exterior application. The outstanding quality of their coatings has been much appreciated by the New-Zealand market and has already proved its worth in our challenging climate.” Alistair Weaver, New Zealand National Sales Manager for JSC.

Our wood oil has satisfied the aesthetic requirements of even the most demanding architectural projects. JSC has 11 shades to choose from their JSC Scumble Exterior Wood Oil offering, which range from rich brown to tones of grey. The oil enlivens the colour of the timber, giving it a natural appearance by still showcasing the beauty of the timber grain.

Extremely aesthetically pleasing.

JSC only commits to top quality and this is no different when choosing our BIO water-based oil.

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