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Our BIO coatings put the finishing touch to L.I.A. – the amazing wood handle

The story of Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli and L.I.A. – an amazing all-wood handle coated with our BIO water-based coatings

Our BIO coatings put the finishing touch to L.I.A. – the amazing wood handle

We set up an exciting partnership with Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli, using our coatings to coat an amazing wood handle that is actually a piece of furniture in itself.

Today we’re in Torre del Greco in the county of Naples. We’re in Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli and the air is sweet with the heady scent of freshly cut wood. The company has a long, rich tradition in handcrafting wood to make furniture, kitchens, stairs, doors, window frames and other items... just about anything under the sun!

We’re excited to tell you this because the fruit of this long experience is L.I.A. – an amazing wood handle that we have coated with our water-based BIO coatings.

The story of Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli

It was way back in 1930 when Mastro Ignazio opened his first family-run workshop. And what were the tools of his trade? Art, ingenuity, a passion for woodcraft and the sweat of his brow! The craft was handed down through the years from father to son and, in the sixties, Raffaele Sordelli found himself holding the reins. He did exactly what his father did before in his time with him – he taught his art to his eldest son and got him started in the workshop as an apprentice. And so it was that in 1996 Ignazio Sordelli – they called him Ezio at home – got his name on the company plaque and Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli in Torre del Greco came into the world.

Ezio Sordelli channeled the knowledge handed down over two generations and injected it with his own passion for innovation and dazzling creative flair.

It is because of this precious heritage that Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli can today create awesome furniture for homes, offices and ships, kitchens, bookcases, cabinets, wall paneling, stairs, interior doors, window frames and wood items. Each creation is remarkably unique, based on a combination of handcrafted manufacture and custom design, giving the customer the chance to have direct input and be a co-creator of the product.

Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli makes many beautiful things, but there is one creation we know very well: the amazing L.I.A. wood handle.

The L.I.A. handle and BIO coatings by ICA

L.I.A., the first patent-pending wood handle, was dreamed up by Ezio Sordelli. How did it begin? The inspiration came from an experience with a customer, who wanted a wall-mounted handle in handcrafted precious wood. A metal handle was out of the question, as it would have been way too jarring; the customer wanted something that would seamlessly blend in. So from that seed grew the idea of L.I.A. – a handcrafted handle in wood with a small metal core that makes it even more resilient. A totally original product with a truly refined, customizable design to suit the customer’s needs. But let’s hear from its creator, Ezio Sordelli himself.

“The main innovation of our handles is that the wood is not just an insert, it’s the actual main material. That’s why its protection is paramount. We have opted for a coating cycle made up entirely of BIO water-based products; as well as the top-level optimal performance and excellent technical characteristics they offer, they’re also kind to the environment and the end user’s health.”

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