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Nusco, doors and casings since 1968.

Tradition and innovation attuned to the times.

Nusco S.p.A. is an Italian company leader in Europe in the production of doors for interiors and casings.
Founded in the 1960s by Mario Felice Nusco, the current Chairman of the BoD, the company boasts a long woodworking tradition based on authentic Italian craftsmanship.
The main operating and production offices are located in Nola (Naples) and Bucharest (Romania). Headed respectively by Luigi and Michele Nusco, the sons of Felice, they cover an area measuring over 40 thousand square meters. The aggregate production reaches one thousand units a day for a total of 200 thousand doors sold annually, yielding an aggregate turnover of roughly 50 million Euro.
Innovation, product quality, and the ability to anticipate market trends have led Nusco to set up showrooms and authorized dealers throughout Italy and in several countries overseas.
Its mission is to create the conditions for developing a constant and successful growth for its partners, by putting the customer at the center of the strategy. The approach is based on attention to quality, innovation, design study, and attention to detail and the search for solutions.
Transparency and respect for the environment have always characterized the Nusco Group’s approach. The company is committed to safeguarding the environment, by promoting a “green” awareness internally and striving to implement all the activities geared towards reducing its own environmental impact.
This is why Nusco has chosen ICA. The company’s transparent and lacquered mono- and bicomponent water-based coatings allow for obtaining customizable models and exceptional results in terms of aesthetics, quality, and performance.
Thanks to its experience and the expertise of its craftsmen, Nusco currently offers a comprehensive catalog of doors for interiors and casings made of premium-quality materials, featuring advanced design and processing techniques. The resulting furnishing solutions are unique for their design and performances, and preserve the beauty of casings.

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