Trends and colors for 2020 selected by NCS: New Masculinity

Our journey through the colors of 2020 continues. Each year NCS explores trends and sensibilities to tell us about emerging styles and colors that will dominate the year to come. We have already introduced the first two trends, Evolving Eclecticism and Shades of Incognito. Now we come to the third stage of this journey: New Masculinity, the most "colorful" style of 2020.

The evolution of feminism has also led to a new conception of man and masculinity. The traditional stereotypes are being questioned and all boundaries between men and women are gradually erased. New Masculinity is a joyful parade that celebrates gender equality and the freedom to be whomever you want to be.

This style is gender-free. It is called New Masculinity, but has no male connotations in the traditional sense. Inspired by the variety and infinite facets of us human beings, the trend seeks unexpected combinations. It plays with different textures combining hard metals with soft textiles. It is a colourful parade of vibrant tones such as bright yellow and red opposed to darker tones such as purple and blue. As a bridge between the brightest tones and the darkest ones, there is a beautiful warm beige nuance.

Our coatings are already available in all the colors from the New Masculinity palette.

Here are some inspirational ideas.

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