NCS 2020 trend colors. Shades of Incognito

Every year, the color experts at NCS - one of the major authority in the chromatic field - seek new inspiring style and color ideas, which are divided in 4 trends that we will see in the upcoming year. We have already introduced the first trend for 2020, called Evolving Eclecticism, which reflects a renewed environmental awareness. Now we are curious to discover the second trend: Shades of Incognito.

We are constantly connected, and increasingly encouraged to share our lives on social media, to provide our personal data to large companies. In recent times, however, this trend has changed and there's more attention to privacy protection.

Shades of Incognito is a celebration of the analog world, a sanctuary from the digital world, the desire to protect our private life, to go incognito. The materials used in this trend are light and transparent, such as silk, linen and smoked-colored glass, giving an enveloping feeling of protection.  The colors are neutral, soft, never flamboyant: ranging from rich brown to warm beige and light grey. They convey a great sense of calm to us.

Our color experts got down to work and our coatings are now available in all the colors of this palette.

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