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Master Lux, masters of innovation with our BIO coatings

Artisan furniture that combines tradition and innovation to reduce environmental impact and improve performance.

Master Lux, masters of innovation with our BIO coatings

Through its handcrafted furniture, Master Lux continues an ancient tradition and takes it into the future by using more sustainable production processes.

Master Lux is a company specialized in the prestigious tradition of decorating and customizing artisan furniture. History and innovation unite, with the support of our BIO water-based coatings.


Masters of tradition and innovation

Bovolone is a municipality in the province of Verona, an area famous for its long tradition in handcrafted furniture. It is no coincidence that Master Lux was founded right here in Bovolone, in 2007.

Its establishment was the result of a chance encounter between Michele Doricic and Salvatore Cinturati who, despite their young age, already have many years of experience in the furniture industry. Together, they decided to build a business on their passion. This marked the beginning of collaborations with their initial customers, which sustained the company over the years and allowed it to become what it is today.

And what is Master Lux today? It is a company that has made the enhancement of furniture and beauty its mission. Raw furniture pieces come through its doors and leave as unique artistic pieces with precious decorations, gold-leaf inserts and hand finishes. Ancient decoration techniques are definitely a point of excellence for the company, but this alone is not enough. The company has set itself an even more ambitious challenge: Master Lux aims to combine traditions of the past with an environmental awareness that looks to the future.


A challenge overcome together

We share a key principle with Master Lux: there is no progress without safeguarding the environment. This shared outlook has brought us together. The company has always been looking for furniture finishing products with a reduced environmental impact. More specifically, we needed a green coating that allowed items to stand the test of time and maintain high standards of protection and aesthetics.

And that is how we came into contact.

The managers at Master Lux consulted our technicians to understand how to obtain the desired effects with our coatings. Then, they came to visit us at our headquarters in Civitanova Marche where they were able to see the dedication of our R&D department with their own eyes.

After a meticulous fine-tuning of all coating cycles, Master Lux included our BIO water-based coatings, formulated with raw materials from renewable sources, in their production processes, monitoring the results over time.

These are the improvements that were identified:

  • greater resistance of furniture to light and scratches compared to traditional finishes
  • greater coverage compared to previous products
  • savings on cleaning tools
  • lower waste-disposal costs
  • healthier working environment.

Michele Doricic adds:

“I am very satisfied with the results achieved with the BIO water-based coatings, which is surprising in such a short time frame. I would like to thank the ICA technical team that were always ready to help in the delicate process of defining new coating cycles. This is a rewarding collaboration that paves the way for a more sustainable future.”

And we are happy to play a part, along with our products, in such a relevant and urgent challenge!

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