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LUCE by Joe Colombo and S-MATT finishes

We discuss LUCE by Joe Colombo, the new door from TREP+; an exquisite design featuring our water-based coatings. Come and discover it.

LUCE, the door by Joe Colombo featuring S-MATT finishes

TREP+ introduces LUCE by Joe Colombo, a designer door finished with our S-MATT water-based coatings.

Cini Boeri, Antonio Citterio, Joe Colombo, Daniel Libeskind, Luca De Nova, Luca Scacchetti and Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. You don’t need to be an expert to recognize these names as having played a key role in the history of design and architecture.

Imagine a company that partners with these great names to design interior doors. This company is called TREP+ and we have contributed to the creation of LUCE, the new door by Joe Colombo, showcased for the first time on May 7 at the Bredaquaranta showroom in Milan.

TREP+: how to make extraordinary products

“Making Extraordinary” is the TREP+ motto. And this is an extraordinary company, with a portfolio featuring some of the most important names in design and architecture. Working closely with this company has given us the opportunity to observe and understand how they have created extraordinary products over the years:

  • constant aesthetic progression
  • hi-tech designs
  • unfaltering attention to detail at every step
  • research into new, advanced and extremely high-quality materials.

These aspects have always underpinned the products from TREP+.

Today, this global brand offers innovative doors with unmistakable style. In a word, extraordinary! To mention just a few of the top projects: REVER by Cini Boeri, MILANO by Luca Scacchetti, CONVEX by F.A. Porsche, PAVILION-PLANUS-CONTINUUM by Antonio Citterio, Idea by Daniel Libeskind, and, one of the most recent, LUCE by Joe Colombo.

LUCE, a door into new spaces

LUCE is not a door that divides but one that unites, a door that opens rather than closing. For Joe Colombo, doors are communicating elements, opening into other spaces. The door is a transition. And this concept of transition is symbolized by the ellipse on the surface of LUCE. Use of ellipses is a sort of signature of the designer, a shape that recalls the Bayer VISIONA 1 Futuristic Habitat, designed by Joe Colombo and displayed in 1969 at the Salone Interzum event in Cologne and at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. The elegance of the design, completed with Olivari BETA handles, also designed by Joe Colombo, is truly outstanding.

Fausto Citterio, CEO of TREP+ speaks proudly of the new project: “LUCE by Joe Colombo is the first new addition in our ‘Surfaces’ collection. This contemporary creation from one of the masters of design is truly original, combining elegant lines and refined finishes for a simple and timeless interior piece.”

Exquisite aesthetics are paired with exclusive materials. One of the distinctive characteristics of TREP+ is their constant search for innovative solutions. It was during this search that the company discovered our coatings, selecting an S-MATT finish for the LUCE door with a refined ultra-matt effect in various high-impact colors. This is an anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant coating with self-healing properties. Innovation comes in the form of a water-based formulation, meaning extremely low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, ensuring healthier environments. This, too, is innovation.

S-MATT will soon feature on another new door from TREP+. This will be a new project by Monica Armani, where the three-dimensional character of the design is perfectly matched with the ultra-matt finish.

When innovation meets refined aesthetics, extraordinary things happen.

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