Iridea Water-based

The Iridea water-based range includes water-based coatings for interiors with chemical/physical properties and an aesthetic appearance that are perfectly comparable to solvent-based polyurethane coatings, but with a content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of around 3-7% as against the 55-75% for traditional solvent-based products. The water-based coating cycles, then, make it possible to comply with the regulations on the reduction of solvent emissions into the atmosphere, ensuring the same aesthetic/qualitative results as solvent-based cycles.

The Iridea water-based range includes water-based coatings for wood and aluminium.

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This ecological commitment, which takes account of the health both of those applying the coatings and of the final users, requires that the furnishings be coated in an eco-compatible way and, therefore, that the lowest possible level of solvent emissions (both during the coating phase and during the final, slow drying phase) be released into homes, minimizing the unpleasant odor. Using Iridea water-based products, the environment is respected even when the finished product is placed in its definitive location.

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