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ICA coatings in the New Parliament House, New Delhi

We are the choice of designers who prize quality and sustainability. And we are now the choice for the New Parliament House, New Delhi.

This prestigious project will have pride of place in our customer portfolio: the interiors for the new Parliament House in New Delhi were commissioned from the company Narsi, of Mumbai. The spaces created celebrate the country’s history and traditions, whilst also looking towards the future with cutting-edge solutions.

We participated in the project with our water-based coatings.


Narsi: Make in India

The latest challenge for Narsi, a company providing comprehensive interior-solutions services, can be considered a Herculean task: it’s not every day that you are asked to design the interiors of a Parliament House.

Narsi represents the perfect balance of experience and advanced solutions. The company relies on a team of innovators who are passionate about technology, and who strive to offer premium quality at the best possible price and support the “Make in India” movement. Like every company seeking to establish themselves firmly in the future, Narsi has long adopted sustainable production processes. These include dust-collection systems that turn sawdust into briquettes and a spray booth that reuses excess coating and filters harmful chemicals.

According to Narsi D. Kularia, Managing Director, this was a golden chance for the furniture industry, engineers and architects to meet the ‘Make in India’ mission a success. “Personally, it was a dream come true. I took it up as a not-for-profit undertaking. It gave me a chance to leave behind a proud legacy,” he signs off.


The new Parliament House: tradition and innovation

The new Parliament House features architectural elements that pay homage to the Indian tradition, including the decorative jalis inspired by local artisan techniques and national motifs that recur throughout the interiors (such as the peacock and lotus flower). Tradition sits alongside innovation, as the new building is a modern structure incorporating the latest design technology.

In Narsi’s design, wood takes center stage: from furnishings to luxurious consoles, and from decorated wooden ceilings to seats and tables. Narsi had an extensive 28,172 m2 of wooden surfaces to protect and enhance.


Narsi collaborates with ICA Pidilite

The company was looking for a coating capable of protecting its creations, making them durable and resistant to wear, and enhancing the natural beauty of the material with a sustainable and healthy finish. With the support of ICA Pidilite, the company selected our range of water-based coatings for interiors, which have an extremely low content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and properties equivalent to those of a standard solvent-based coating. These are high-performance products that ensure the best possible aesthetic results and performance, without interfering with production schedules. In particular, the two-component water-based coatings selected by Narsi were perfect for use on surfaces requiring high levels of chemical resistance and surface hardness.

We are truly proud to have been Narsi’s first choice and that our coatings are part of such a prestigious project.

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