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The value of a company is measured by the quality of its products and its capacity to sell those products, but also by the experience it brings to bear.
The Mobilificio Granzotto (Granzotto Furniture Makers), established 1947 on the initiative of company founder Desiderio Granzotto and driven forward by his sons Paolo, Aldo, Franco and Ennio in the ‘70s, has now reached the third generation, leveraging a wealth of experience and design/manufacturing skills that place it as a leading manufacturer of children’s furniture and designer of children’s bedrooms. Since the ‘90s, the company has been making a name for itself throughout Europe thanks to its design flair, coming up with modular collections for living rooms and bedrooms that have attracted the attention of an increasingly exacting customer base that is very much focused on value-for-money.
Granzotto designs and manufactures functional collections that are aligned with current trends and with the lifestyles of the youngest members of the household. Innovation and research have always marked out the company’s products. By collaborating with industry leaders, the company has continually increased the level of its offering, satisfying its customers’ challenging and wide-ranging requirements. The work of the in-house technicians and designers is geared towards achieving absolute reliability, and betrays a passion for detail and for using the very latest finishing techniques.
Granzotto is synonymous with top-quality Italian craftsmanship, and its demanding customers acknowledge the lengths to which the company goes to fulfill their requirements. Its children’s bedrooms are welcoming, safe, functional and durable. From the outset, the company has always utilized coating materials of the highest quality. All of the components are made using reconstituted wood with Oak and Maple veneers.  Ash veneer is also available in 23 scratch-resistant, open pore lacquered colors. In this way, it is possible to achieve a multitude of different shades and color contrasts. Moreover, Granzotto can custom-manufacture products and custom-coat them using lacquers chosen from the RAL and NCS color charts.
The partnership with ICA enables the company to offer its customers a range of innovative products of exceptional quality. The extensive array of ICA colors and finishes is very much a “value-add” for Granzotto, since it makes it possible for the company to achieve an infinite number of solutions to personalize every element of the child’s bedroom.          
For the Mobilificio Granzotto, ICA is a reliable strategic partner that has the capacity to deliver high-quality products that are always on the cutting edge. The materials are highly advanced because they are the fruit of ongoing research conducted by specialized personnel. Granzotto’s custom-designed solutions, which are perfect in every detail and feature stunning finishes, allow youngsters to make the most of their bedrooms and are the result of the mutually beneficial collaboration between the two companies.
Another reason that the Mobilificio Granzotto works with ICA is because of the latter’s commitment to protecting the environment. By coating its products with ICA’s water-based, anti-bacterial and non-toxic coatings, Granzotto is able to ensure both the quality and the eco-friendly credentials of the product, in accordance with the certification parameters of the European Union’s LIFE program. The LIFE mark was assigned in 1995 to ICA’s range of bicomponent water-based coatings in official recognition of the group’s “sustainable, long-term development”. Granzotto uses highest-quality wood species, all of which are fully recyclable, and adheres to quality-certified production standards.
These guarantees are important not only for the finished product but also for those who will decorate their child’s bedroom and for those who work in the manufacturing plant in Santa Lucia di Piave, in the heart of north-eastern Italy, where the art of crafting furniture with passion reaches its apotheosis.

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