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FerreroLegno and BIO coatings: working side by side for the environment

Let us tell you about the partnership between the ICA Group and FerreroLegno. We are working towards a shared goal: achieving the highest quality standards while respecting the environment.

FerreroLegno and BIO coatings: working side by side for the environment

A knock at the door and... two companies cross paths and discover that they share the same vision. 

We are talking about FerreroLegno, an Italian manufacturer specialized in doors and closing systems, and their partnership with ICA Group.

The key to FerreroLegno’s success 

FerreroLegno is a company specialized in manufacturing wood doors and closing systems for interiors. FerreroLegno has come a long way since 1950 when it first set up a small artisan workshop in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, Northern Italy. Still based in that same province, it is now located in Magliano Alpi and it has grown to become a major enterprise with an international reputation. What is the key to its success? 

The guiding principles that have driven its choices for the last seventy years are ingrained in the wood of its doors: sourcing the best materials, attention to each detail, investing in technological innovation, taking care of aesthetics, striving for the highest level of product customization, and keeping up with market dynamics.

All of this while committing to the environment: at FerreroLegno, sustainability means sourcing the right materials, setting up efficient production processes, and respecting people’s health & safety, both company members and customers.

Stefano Paul Zanenga, the Global Director of Sales & Marketing, tells us about the company.

“FerreroLegno is an innovative brand of high-end design-oriented doors which is always one step ahead of market trends and develops solutions that meet everyday needs. Professionals in the fit-out industry place their trust in FerreroLegno – a reliable and environmentally-sustainable partner with a broad range of solutions suited to more complex projects as well”.

A few months ago, FerreroLegno, who was already our valued customer, asked us how we could help them to take a further step forward in their sustainability policy.

They were looking for a coating, but not a regular coating. They wanted a wood coating that would:

  • guarantee the utmost sustainability of the product and contribute to a healthy environment;
  • highlight the beauty of the doors’ design;
  • allow extreme personalization;
  • contribute in the release of an on-trend color palette.

We proposed our water-based BIO coatings formulated from recycled raw materials and manufactured using a process with low impact on the environment. Not only are BIO coatings eco-conscious, they outperform in terms of aesthetics and resistance.

That is how our partnership began. We released two new color palettes that met the customer’s requirements – named Iride and ULTRAopaco. And that is how FerreroLegno became the first door manufacturer to use BIO coatings.

The Industrial Director of FerreroLegno Alberto Piombo commented on the partnership with the ICA Group.

“We are very satisfied with our partnership with the ICA Group. It has been an inspiring experience. Driven by the same aspirations, we strove to achieve the best possible product in terms of performance and aesthetics, but without neglecting the paramount environmental side of things and the goal to protect people’s health. A big part of this latter was to contribute towards a healthy environment and an improved quality of life”. 

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