Case Study

Enterijer Janković, a prestigious project in total safety

Devotion to aesthetics requires fire-retardant coatings with high performance and excellent finish properties

Can a fire-retardant coating aimed at stopping fire propagation also have an excellent finish?

Of course it can. The above option becomes actually mandatory when this type of coating is used by a company that has an aesthetics-oriented approach: therefore fire-retardant coatings "must" also have a highly appealing decorative function.

Enterijer Janković is the Serbian company from Novi Sad that was entrusted with the prestigious "Zaryadye Concert Hall" project in Moscow, one of the most modern music venues in the world.

The two halls (the "Big Hall" and the "Small Hall") can host a total of almost 2,000 spectators, such as the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, which has an audience capacity of 2,030 people. They are two music cathedrals: the first one is an example of the most advanced interior fine art architecture, and the second one is a historical gem of outstanding structural value.

Enterijer Janković was asked to take on this monumental project, which was completed in a year (the building works were assigned in 2017), thanks to the credentials earned with the construction of equally prestigious hotels featuring its distinctive combination of style and technology, which also super-modern music venues require.

In detail
The "recipe" used by the Serbian company for the construction of this Moscow music venue is full of amazing ingredients. Here we will only mention a few that demonstrate its dedication and unparalleled commitment, also in terms of logistics: 700 employeesworked together 24 hours a day to reach an ambitious goal, assisted by 22 Japanese design specialists and 200 expert installers, plus 15,000 pieces of heavy furniture from 30 to 1,800 kg.

Prometea fire-retardant coatings
A beautiful woman's dress needs two main elements: impeccable craftsmanship and quality fabric. This is the same rule of the Serbian company. The use of Promotea fire-retardant coatings for the construction of this facility confirms two things. The first is EHOM's undisputed ability, a Serbian ICA Group's reseller and partner over the last 4 years which supported Enterijer Janković in this prestigious project, and the second is the sense of reliability and safety that we managed to convey thanks to our R&D work, which allowed us to create a line of coatings with excellent performance. 

Our goal is to offer, from small local firms to large international companies, coatings developed by a research center that is committed to proposing and delivering innovative and high-performance formulations to the end user, and compliant with international regulations and common quality standards.

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