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The philosophy of design

Edoné is a prestigious brand of Agorà S.p.a a company based in Sacile (in the province of Pordenone), which has revolutionized bathroom design, becoming in just a few years a benchmark for the industry.

The company has garnered a reputation for its constant research into cutting-edge aesthetic and material solutions, carried out as part of a policy based on eco-compatibility and a dedication to Italian design and manufacturing.

These are the fundamental values of Edoné.

At Edoné the design focus has been shifted from the single element to the design of interiors as a whole, with the bathroom now being considered a welcoming, light-filled, creative environment, where the aesthetic aspect should never be separated from the functional aspect. Accordingly, the bathroom is interpreted as a space in which to pamper yourself – the backdrop for some daily tender loving care.

The world of the bathroom is one of the sectors on which the designers are lavishing the greatest amount of attention, with new structural solutions accompanying an increasingly refined aesthetic that leaves plenty of room for inspiration.

Continuing along the path on which it set out more than 20 years ago, based on Italian manufacturing, sustainable development and tailor-made design, Edoné is working hard to enhance the ongoing relationships between appearance and functionality and between ergonomics and quality. The objective is to re-cast the bathroom, turning it into a uniquely relaxing, personalized space, bolstering every facet of the cult of wellbeing and applying the concept of hedonism – already encapsulated in the company’s name – to all of the spaces within the world of the bathroom.

Design+ is the Edoné range that has been designed to achieve excellence. These unique collections embody the company’s ambitious intensions, bringing together the highest aesthetic expression of design with the maximum possible functionalityChrono, for example, stand out for its essential lines, which are imbued with a sense of warmth thanks to the use of prestigious materials. The material nature of the wooden surfaces is complemented by an entirely natural palette, taking its inspiration from Northern Europe to highlight the purity of the shapes.

To protect the natural beauty of these materials over time, Edoné has opted for ICA’s high-quality, eco-compatible, water-based coatings. Specifically, it is using the SoftTouch top coat, which is the latest product to be released from the ICA R&D laboratories for the coating of furnishings and offers excellent smoothness to the touch. Thanks to its evenness of matting, this product makes it possible to render the coated surface entirely non-glare. SoftTouch is a transparent bicomponent water-based top coat, for spray application in a single coat to properly sanded, untreated wood. It gives the coated surface high levels of resistance to scratches and yellowing, as well as good chemical resistance.

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