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Cocò&Design – children's furniture with wood and bio coatings

Today we want to tell you a lovely story. And although it’s a children’s story, it doesn’t begin with “once upon a time” but with “here and now”.

We’re talking about Cocò&Design, an Italian, indeed a Tuscan company, which produces bio furniture for children's bedrooms and uses our bio water-based coatings. There was an immediate understanding between us and Cocò&Design. The reason is simple: we share a vision of a less polluted planet, of healthier, safer home environments for us and for our kids. Let us tell you a little more about Cocò&Design.

Introducing Cocò&Design
Not so long ago in 2014, in Arezzo, an architect called Roberta Galantino dreamed up a company: Cocò&Design, which would produce a line of bio furniture for young children in true Montessori style. The project was ambitious: Roberta and her team wanted to use only natural materials that would not impact the environment and would ensure healthier children's rooms, free from harmful substances. The result? A "bio-revolution"!

To better understand how it was possible to realize this project, let’s take a closer look at the materials the company chose for its furniture.

Water-based coatings and bio poplar plywood with 0% formaldehyde
Cocò&Design furniture is made of Category 1 poplar plywood, a resistant, durable and completely natural material. Inside, the plywood layers use a new soy-based, strictly non-toxic bonding system. Through this innovation, the quality of air breathed in the children’s room improves dramatically because formaldehyde emissions are completely eliminated.

As we said, the company chose to use water-based bio coatings for wood. Iridea Bio coatings are formulated with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly renewable raw materials, derived from waste plant substances. The manufacturing process also ensures high levels of environmental sustainability, as emissions of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds are reduced. Also, our furniture coatings do not emit unpleasant odors and are highly resistant to stains. So they're pretty much child-resistant too!

The design: furnishings that are also play
For us at Cocò&Design, designing and producing a piece of furniture is like play. We put ourselves in the child’s shoes and imagine what they might like. Using this concept we create our products. 

As Roberta Galantino tells us, the design of the furniture it is all inspired by play. Cocò&Design furniture are assembled and dismantled as if they were the bricks of a construction toy. At the heart of the furniture is the "happy" panel – a modular panel with a joints system, which can be assembled and dismantled in an infinite number of combinations. So these furnishings are not “fixtures” – they are designed to adapt to the growth of children and the needs of parents. Take a look at the Nanni bed and the Maso tower; they grow together with your children.

As we have talked about coatings and we're talking now about design, we can't not mention the colors of the furnishings, which are a key part of the concept. As you can see, soft and soothing pastel tones dominate, reminding us of the natural world. 

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