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Creativity and innovation are a family passion

CLEI, furnishings industry, is based in Brianza (North of Italy) and boasts origins back in time. The company was established in 1963 with a great propensity for innovation, focusing on design directed to integrate transformable systems into modular and versatile furniture collection, for home furnishings, holiday houses and business residences. 
To the growing market demand for versatile and multifunctional furnishing solutions, able to satisfy the different living requirements, CLEI responds with the the Living and Young furniture collections, integrated to transformable systems for the living area and the young people space.

The high-tech collections embody a great deal of research, creativity, innovation and engineering, which are the main lines of CLEI’s philosophy and competitive strategy. Alongside the design and patented technology CLEI’s products can also boast extreme ease-of-use – simple movements for multiple functions – and uncompromising levels of performance.
Bookshelves, storage units, sofas, tables and desks are combined in one area that is both shared out and shared with, and they transform from living furniture into night elements with comfortable beds in different sizes ready to use, with more advantages than the standard solutions.
There is never enough space, and children’s bedrooms in particular are becoming smaller and smaller, so it is essential to ensure that their rooms are well-balanced and properly organized; to this end, the Young and Living systems give you another room and thereby multiply the value of the space, because they have what it takes to respond in an original and innovative way to specific interior design requirements, with interchangeable functions for containing, resting, studying and relaxing.
In terms of finishes, CLEI makes available to its customers a rich color chart. The colors are decisive, in contrasting or matching shades, and bring children's spaces to life, allowing their rooms to be highly customized to reflect the youngsters' personalities. Water-based coatings; embossed finishes; white melamine; bleached and etched melamine oak; bleached, etched and "tobacco" oak – these are just some of the options on offer. The result is a composition with a modern design, created using materials that are “eco-friendly” because they are coated with iCO water-based products in accordance with the most stringent criteria and EU regulations. The partnership with the Italian Coatings division of ICA SpA makes it possible to offer the market a unique, high-quality, exceptionally innovative product that endows the solutions proposed by CLEI with yet more added value.
These are the features that make CLEI products unrivalled and inimitable, at a time when the best ideas are always in motion.

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