December 12, 2019 - News

No plastic water bottles at our headquarters

After our BIO coatings, ICA Group's "green" revolution continues ... with our reusable bottles

Here at ICA Group we have always been green-minded: we started with BIO coatings for wood, which are the result of substantial investments in research. Today, a wardrobe coated with these products can help save the same amount of CO2 emitted from driving 340 km by car. But we didn't stop at that. We also wanted to adopt green habits.

Less plastic. It can be done (and we've done it)
A few weeks ago we started a new project to get rid of plastic water bottles and jugs from our Civitanova Marche headquarters, joining the "Plastic free" campaign promoted by the Italian Department for the Environment. With this choice we will save 150 thousand half-liter plastic bottles and 340 18-liter jugs in one year, which is equal to:

  • 3,940 kg of oil;
  • 33,940 liters of water;
  • 55.31 tons  of CO2;
  • 35.5 kg of carbon monoxide;
  • 39.4 kg of sulfur;
  • 78.8 kg of hydrocarbons.

How are we going to do this? With a steel reusable bottle. One for each of our employees and consultants.

This initiative is a new stage of our path to environmental sustainability, thanks to which we already achieved important goals such as our choice to supply our staff cafeteria with short chain products and to equip our headquarters with bicycles that allow to move around with zero impact.

These are small but significant changes that gradually change people's behavior for the better. This is how the most fruitful revolutions are made.

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