January 7, 2014 - News


Good work leaves more space for living

ICA's new company cafeteria is now up and running. It is part of an innovative program that stresses very strongly the wellbeing of the employees through healthy food, a sociable atmosphere and more free time.
Aiding the expansion of an industrial business such as Civitanova Marche-based ICA involves not only equipping it with new plant and machinery, but also ensuring the availability of shared service areas. These help to reinforce the sense of team spirit amongst the staff and to boost their sense of belonging to the one group, thus enhancing quality of life within the company.
ICA, that had already made available to its employees a full-size soccer pitch and a tennis court/five-a-side soccer pitch, complete with showers and changing rooms, it is now rolling out the innovative LifeFood project. This involves the implementation of an in-house cafeteria service and of more flexible working hours to allow employees to juggle their commitments at work and at home more effectively.
The new cafeteria, which has been open since January 7, 2014 and extends across a total surface area of 320 m², is organized on a rotational basis to serve a total of 270 meals and is open to employees, partners, consultants and any clients or suppliers who may be visiting the company. Thanks to the in-house kitchen, a menu that adheres to the guidelines on healthy Italian eating (INRAN 2003) and the use of quality-certified ingredients, the cafeteria is able to deliver a consistently high standard of food. It even features a coffee bar.
The look of the new LifeFood area was achieved using the latest ICA products, and accordingly, it is at once essential, textured, bright and welcoming. For the flooring, a metal-effect resin has been chosen, protected by a transparent, water-based UV coating, whereas the walls were treated with a metal- and mother-of-pearl-effect "blue-water" resin.
ICA is focusing on its employees' health through the LifeFood project.
Healthy food, a sociable atmosphere and more free time will help to produce better work!

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