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ICA Group: one of the gems on the stock exchange

ICA Group: one of the gems on the stock exchange

ICA Group is one of the 31 Italian companies to have been found eligible for the ELITE program - a scheme created for firms with a high potential for growth and on Wednesday May 3rd 2017 it was presented to the entire financial community, national and international media and relevant institutions on the premises of the Italian Stock Exchange in Piazza degli Affari 6, Milan.
The Italian Stock Exchange set up the ELITE program in order to select corporations with strong standing, a high profitability rate and ambitious development plans. The companies involved are offered support via an organizational improvement path and easier access to extraordinary finance operations. The ICA Group too is going to benefit from this scheme, thus gaining a greater opportunity to consolidate its investments in innovation and internationalization processes which will be the main drivers for future growth - an advancement which is increasingly linked to social and environmental sustainability. Continually developing know-how and skills which are in sync with the principles of environmental protection and a circular economy will be of prime importance for any corporation wishing to expand on world markets. This is destined to be a strong marker of growth potential in tomorrow's society.
“After having acquired information on the Elite program of Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange), also through companies that have already implemented the proposed plan, we have decided to request admission to the program in consideration of several potential advantages, including: further improvements to our organization and governance and the extension of the network towards the financial sector thanks to the possibility of direct contact with new companies/professionals (thus enhancing the company’s visibility towards the financial community). Moreover, even if unplanned, we expect to be more prepared for possible future recourse to alternative financial instruments such as listing on the stock exchange”.
Sandro Paniccia, CEO
Luciano Cesari (CFO) and Giulio Paniccia (Country Manager) took an active part in the event with a video presentation of the group which was highly engaging and informative.
Elite came into being in Italy to assist enterprise in its growth process and launch it on the capital market. Today, there are more than 552 companies in Europe in the scheme for a worth of over 42 billion euros in proceeds and with more than 187 thousand workers on their payroll.
Elite spread from Milan to other foreign Stock Exchanges. First, it hit the London scene (Elite UK) and then Elite International was set up which is now present in 26 different countries (including Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Romania and Morocco). It thrives thanks to a constantly growing community of entrepreneurs, advisors and investors. The aim was to promote a business style which would push the boundaries and help enterprise to power though with their internationalization plans whilst being able to rely on opportunities for funding thanks to easier access to global capital.

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