Iridea Polyester

ICA Group offers a comprehensive range of transparent and pigmented polyester products. The polyester coatings react with the accelerator (usually cobalt) and the (peroxide-based) catalyzer, generating a highly resistant film that endows the surface with a high level of hardness.

Particularly suitable for closed-pore top coats, they make it possible to achieve a coating film with a high level of chemical/physical resistance that is easy to sand and is subject to limited shrinkage over time.

ICA offers an extensive range of polyester coatings: transparent and pigmented paraffinated polyester coatings for use as base coats or as 2-in-1 primer and finish that can be polished; and transparent white, traditional or styrene-free polyester base coats. The range of polyester coatings also includes photoinitiatable products with UV drying: transparent and pigmented gloss and matt base coats and top coats. 

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Iridea Polyester 1
Characteristics and advantages
  • Ease of use 
  • Spray, roller, curtain coater or electrostatic application 
  • High solid content (65-100%)
  • High chemical/physical resistance
  • Excellent shine 
  • Easy to sand 
  • Rapid-drying 

Color range

The color can be chosen from any of the three color charts (ICA, RAL and NCS), which encompass more than 2,300 colors, all of which can be faithfully reproduced thanks to the ICA Color tintometric system. ICA can also create sample colors at the client's request, and can conduct color checks using a spectrophotometer.

iridea Polyester 1

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