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The considerable experience of ICA Group's Research & Development laboratories in the formulation of water-based coating products has led to the creation of a specific range for container glass painting.

The paints in the range have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the homeware, perfume and food & beverage sectors, with excellent technical properties in terms of hardness, chemical resistance, transparency and industrial workability.

ICA Group’s organic water-based paints for container glass also offer outstanding performance along with benefits in terms of aesthetics and ease of application. They can be used for spraying application with an electrostatic turbodisc or rotary bell.

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Container Glass 1

Our latest shades for container glass.

BALANCE is a collection of colors specifically designed for glass packaging. It was created to embody an important aspect of our corporate ethos - respect and relentless attention to the world that surrounds us.
This is what gave rise to the BALANCE chromatic garden where senses interact with a series of visual and tactile effects. A sheer or matt look and intensity of color can make a huge difference to the aesthetic impact of an object.
Through color, we promote respect for the planet and our environment, seeking out the balance and harmony that stem from the values and vision obtained through ongoing research.
16 shades that blend subtly into each other, delighting the senses and enchanting the eye: from a high-opacity to an ultra-clear effect and from a matt to a glossy one enhanced by a tactile surface. 96 shades which take their cues from the glory of nature and the warmth of the earth; from flowers and the sky which bring a sense of balance and resonate with us on an emotional level.


Unlimited color range

The range includes two-component, thermosetting, clear, pigmented and metallic water-based paints. There is a limitless and highly flexible range of colors with comprehensive options for customization, also enabling screen-printing with leading inks using standard or UV drying. More than 2,300 colors to choose from on the ICA, RAL and NCS color charts, all accurately reproduced with the ICA COLOR tintometric system, in addition to specially developed samples for customers with rapid formulation.

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Container Glass 2
Sustainable paints

The water-based products for container glass are non-flammable, and can be diluted in water making them simple to prepare and use. They have a minimal volatile organic compound content and zero hazardous carcinogenic or toxic substances, in line with regulations on the limitation of atmospheric solvent emissions, as well as “Proposition 65”, an important benchmark for the State of California and the American market.

Container Glass 3
fascia vidrea bio 1
The range with renewable raw materials

from recycled sources. These products are developed with complete respect for the environment and the health of end users. They also reduce the greenhouse effect caused by CO2 emissions.

These paints offer excellent hardness, chemical resistance and resistance to light.

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GPSAFE water-based coating

for ultra-matt surfaces

To verify the resistance of ICA paints on certain types of hollow glass, various chemical and mechanical stress tests are conducted based on the standard specifications for the homeware and profumery market. In addition, container glass coated with ICA products successfully passed the dishwasher-safety and food-contact test.

  • Overall migration
  • PB specific migration
  • Resistance to dishwasher use
  • Resistance to alkalis
  • Resistance to G1 spray test
  • Resistance to G1 immersion
  • Resistance to H₂O immersion
  • Adhesion
  • Pasteurization
  • Temperature changes
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Products in the VIDREA range for container glass can be applied using leading systems for spraying application, with electrostatic turbodisc or rotary bell.

Cold paints can be dried at room temperature (or in rapid-drying ovens), whereas the thermosetting paints can be dried in ovens at temperatures of up to 200°C for. After drying, the painted glass can be worked on directly, undergoing operations such as cutting, grinding, sealing and gluing.

ICA’s paints for container  glass are compatible with UV screen-printing and thermosetting inks, ensuring perfect adhesion and chemical/physical resistance.

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The products are non-flammable, making them easy to store, and dilutable in water, so they are simple to prepare and use. Moreover, due to their low levels of volatile organic compounds, they allow for compliance with the regulations on the limitations of solvent emissions into the atmosphere.

ICA Group's range of high-quality coatings, which over the years has been geared more and more towards a reduction in environmental impact, has enabled the company to be recognized as one of the most technologically advanced players in the market, both in Italy and internationally.

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Vidrea Glass Paints range

Infinite combinations of colors and effects that make your glass unique.

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