March 18, 2015 - News


Traditionally innovative

ICA is launching its new packaging for all of the ICA-brand product lines onto the national and international markets.
The requirement to comply with the CLP Regulation has provided ICA with an opportunity to revise the graphic design of its packaging, basing the new design on a highly original link between the brand and its corporate colors.
The idea arose out of the desire to rediscover ICA’s heritage and to imbue it with a stronger, more current identity.
The new graphic design features very clean, clear lines: the ICA logo and the “ICA COATINGS” lettering take center stage. The ICA logo is located circularly on the upper banding of the tin, so that it is always visible – a design decision based on the conviction that it is vitally important to market the ICA brand as a synonym for quality and innovation in every product. Also crucial is the “ICA COATINGS” lettering, located in the lower part of the packaging and specifying not only the name of the brand – “ICA” – but also the type of product contained in the tin: “COATINGS”.
ICA and its products represent, then, the true essence of the new packaging.
This return to the centrality of the brand is also evident in the choice of colors: red, blue and white, which are the colors of the ICA logo and of the initial packaging used back in 1971. Moreover, the white background makes the other colors all the more vibrant and brilliant, endowing the graphic design with an even higher level of visual impact. The red and blue colors used for the upper banding clearly differentiate the solvent-based product from the water-based variant.
The European Union’s CLP Regulation:
Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP), on the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures, modifies and abrogates Directives 67/548/CEE (substances) and 1999/45/CE (preparations). The CLP harmonizes at a global level the classification and labeling of chemical substances.
From June 1, 2015, onwards all mixtures must be classified pursuant to the CLP Regulation, which will necessitate substantial changes in the labeling of coating products.

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