May 9, 2023 - News


The brand-new chrome-effect water-based finish walks away with the “High Product Quality” award

This is the third time that the prestigious Interzum Award has honored our product innovations.

We first received the award in 2017 for our revolutionary range of BIO coatings, then in 2019 it was the turn of the S-MATT finishes with “super powers”, while this year, the award will be a launch pad for this chrome-effect water-based product, an unprecedented achievement that features a metallic surface which guarantees aesthetics, sustainability and outstanding performance levels.

The Interzum Award is given by an international panel of experts from the sector of design, materials and architecture, and the aim is to highlight the vital added value brought by innovation and sustainability in every single product.

The brand-new chrome-effect water-based finish chimes with the trend for metallic finishes in the interior-design sector, but it also has an eye to the sustainability of production processes and the environment we live in.

The award was presented during the opening ceremony of the Interzum Trade Fair on May 8th 2023 to Nazzareno Asciutti and Enrico Ortolani, the technical staff members from the R&D laboratory who actually studied and formulated the finish, and who were directly responsible for its exceptional levels of innovation and design!

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