November 4, 2021 - News

50 years of exploration

Our new corporate video

Anniversaries are a time for a company to stop and look back over its history and also to set a course for new horizons. They are an opportunity to relive challenges, evolution and past storms. The last 50 years of ICA Group are all of this and, above all, are the product of teamwork, passion, sacrifice and perseverance.

Over the 50 years of our company’s history, the Adriatic Sea where we set sail has led us onto open ocean. We embarked with a dream, which we have transformed into a global reality. With determination, perseverance and commitment, we have explored new territory, savoring the challenges and the unknown.

An extraordinary adventure, shared with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. A voyage that we wanted to recount in a video. It is a way to thank every single person, to celebrate what we are, and to tell the world that we are still here, with the wind in our sails and our eyes fixed on the horizon... on the future.



“Perseverance is the key to success”
Claudio Paniccia


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