Vidrea Glass Paint Collection

The Vidrea Glass Paint Collection is composed of various effects reproduced in a glass sample book that makes it possible to see them and touch them. Lacquered hiding coatings in mono- or two-tone versions, colored transparent coatings, etched, metallic and sandblasted coatings in various grain sizes, and metal-effect Liquid Metals, together with more particular effects such as sublimated, ice, droplet, iris, and travertine – the number of creative solutions available with the Vidrea range is infinite.

The Vidrea Glass Paint range has been integrated with the GPSAFE water-based coating, which allows users to secure panes of glass or mirrors easily and quickly.

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Vidrea Glass Paint Collection 1
ICE EFFECT Ice-effect paint

The LIQUIDICE monocomponent paint produces an aesthetic effect similar to ice crystals. It makes it possible to achieve various pearl-like or metallic colorations that bring out the texture created by the product, giving the painted surface an unusual three- dimensional effect.


GPMIRROR is a metallic monocomponent spray-on paint that makes it possible to recreate a mirror effect on the glass surface. The best aesthetic performance of this effect is achieved on molded products.

Vidrea Glass Paint Collection 2

GPSAFE is a transparent or colored water-based product that is applied by spraying or curtain-coating and that enables glass and mirrors to be made safe. It forms a thin film that, if the glass or mirror cracks, holds all of the shards in place, thereby preventing dangerous cuts or other accidents. This product, which has been subject to pendulum impact testing as per the EN 12600:2004 standard, is categorized in class 2[B]2. As such, it falls within the safety parameters for single flat panes of glass for use in construction.

Infinite combinations of colors and effects

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