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Sandre Verniciatura: water-based coatings and Urban finishes

A company combining quality, innovation and respect for the environment. And this is precisely why they have chosen our coatings.

Sandre Verniciatura: water-based coatings and Urban finishes

ICA Group and Sandre Verniciatura: working together for a place in the future.

Sandre Verniciatura specializes in surface-finishing services. It is a demanding company, which sets extremely high quality standards for its products. Our partnership is a stimulating challenge, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of production processes and creating healthier products. We have succeeded with our water-based coatings.


An example of excellence is born

Behind every great company there is a vision. Behind Sandre Verniciatura there is the creative and entrepreneurial drive of the owner, Maurizio Sandre. The company was founded in 1976, in a period when, following the Fiera del Levante event, gloss lacquer was right on trend, offering a prosperous market for this young business.

Today, after more than forty years of history, the company’s projects range from surfaces and elements of the urban landscape to home furnishings. The company has a huge customer portfolio. Arclinea, Valcucine, Gentili Cucine, Pianca, DoorArreda, Archeda, and Armony Cucine to name just a few.

What is the key to its success? Processes that combine innovative, highly energy-efficient machinery, artisan attention to detail and the highest quality raw materials... with a low environmental impact.


Look to the future and always strive to improve

There is no quality without innovation and there is no innovation without respect for the environment. The challenge undertaken by Sandre Verniciatura is an ambitious one: not content with the extremely high quality of its products, it is also researching eco-friendly raw materials and solutions. And this is how our partnership began.

The company has chosen to use the ICA Group Urban Matter range for its surface finishes, which offers various customization options, from steel-effect, liquid foil and fine COR-TEN to stone. The end result is intentionally non-uniform, imperfect, used and warm. Full of character. In addition to aesthetic and qualitative performance, Maurizio Sandre has identified our water-based coatings as a valuable ally in his, and our own, great challenge: to reduce environmental impacts and generate production with complete respect for the planet.

“A solid collaboration that can be relied on” — Maurizio Sandre tells us — “ICA Group enables development of our ideas and proposals maintaining the high quality that distinguishes Sandre. They are a partner capable of matching the spirit of research and experimentation that has always driven us toward the future.”

A future that we want to help to improve.

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