Arborea Protech

Water-based top coats for exteriors specifically formulated for wood window frames and shutters and other wood objects located outdoors and frequently handled.

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Arborea Protech 1
The Arborea Protech range is made up of transparent, colored, white and pigmented water-based top coats developed to guarantee a high degree of outdoor protection and excellent chemical resistance.

Chemical resistance

Arborea Protech water-based top coats prevent softening of the coating film on doors and windows, especially in areas subject to frequent contact with the hands, thanks to their chemical resistance against grease and oils (lotions, sweat, etc.).

arborea protech 1
Arborea Protech 2
Protective action
The high solid content of these products makes them extremely effective in protecting frames and shutters exposed to weathering and ultraviolet rays. This makes them ideal for coating wood windows, shutters and doors that require high resistance near handles, openings, etc.

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